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Architectura Virtualis GmbH
Cooperationspartner of Darmstadt Technical University

Architectura Virtualis works principally in the fields of 3D computer reconstruction and the simulation of architecture, the conveyance of knowledge with the help of digital media as well as well as the development and realization of installations and exhibits. The company is a spin-off of the Technical University of Darmstadt.

For 3D computer reconstructions bArchitectura Virtualis offers partial and complete solutions from researching and modeling to scriptwriting and film production to the development of complex exhibits and installations. The goal is to vividly present reconstructions to the public on the basis of state-of-the art research. The projects are worked out closely in cooperation with archaeologists, architectural historians and art historians.

Digital, dynamic maps present a new way of conveying knowledge with the help of digital media. Museums are confronted with the challenge of presenting complex historical events, which show a spatial as well as a time-related expansion, for example, the migration of the peoples, in a comprehensible manner. For this purpose Architectura Virtualis develops dynamic, digital maps and simulations, which can clearly point out the connections and interdependencies through animation.

With Rapid Prototyping already for several years new possibilities for exhibitions have been available. From the very beginning Architectura Virtualis has devoted its attention to the potentials of this technology. Since 2005 from the records of virtual buildings, cities and landscapes, haptic models have been created by machine. The materials used extend from plaster to synthetic materials and ceramic to metal.

The development of installations and exhibits in context of the new media is a further field of interest of Architectura Virtualis. The conveyance of knowledge with digital media leads to new forms of the presentation of contents. New technical possibilities present a challenge to contemplate which potentials are useful to convey knowledge. Content, technology and design constitute hereby a integrated whole.